Adoption Procedures


The following describes how the adoption of a dog or cat is done. We only adopt in the Netherlands.


pick out an animal and reserve

On our website and Facebook page are the dogs and cats available for adoption. So if you're a nice dog or cat shall be there will all assist a description of, inter alia, species, age, sex and a description of the background and character of the animal. This is possible because the animals that we have for adoption are already in a shelter which volunteers can already see a lot of the animals concerned. Also, some animals are collected at fosters in Crete in house. So very occasionally a dog or cat is already available in the Netherlands with a foster. This is also mentioned in the description. Puppies and kittens that are too young to be neutralized in Crete must be neutralized after adoption in the Netherlands within one year. When you see a dog or cat that you would like to adopt please fill in the application form. We will then contact you to discuss a few things. When there is a match we will this animal reserve for you and we'll schedule a home visit with you as soon as possible and organize transportation.



This means that someone makes an appointment with you to come look at your home. We like to know where the dog or cat will live and to speak everything personally. Probably you ask personally and everything just by speaking it is still easier. An animal from abroad is a bit different than a dog from the Netherlands and requires still in the beginning just a little more attention. Often these dogs and cats through a lot of trouble and distress which they may be anxious and / or flight response may exhibit. Especially in the first weeks, it is important that you give time to rest, patience and love the animal to adapt to living in a house. Regularity and tranquility are the key words herein.


Arrange transportation

Once you reserve an animal we're going to look for flights with which it can fly to Netherlands. That is not 1,2,3 regulated. Air marshals are scarce and there would often fly more animals than that for which there is room. Outside the summer season there are no direct flights between Crete and the Netherlands, and the waiting time will be longer, but by Belgium or Germany, it is often possible to get an animal here. Please note that sometimes it may take weeks before an animal can fly. Puppies can legally fly after 15 weeks (almost four months). Some older animals are all ready to fly, and if there is then the animal may sometimes be within 2 weeks quickly found a flight.


Flight Attendant

Your pet is flying around thanks to the selfless assistance of a flight attendant. These people are responsible for the animal during the flight. Before the flight attendant there are no costs associated with the fly of the animals.

Want to help us as flight attendant send an email to:


Pick Up

Leave when you pick up the dog or cat at the relevant airport ALWAYS in his transportation cage. This vervoersbox will also be additional closed with ty-raps, all this in order to prevent any escape. It will always be noisy and chaotic at the airport and if the animal has escaped it impossible to catch the animal again. So really wait until you're in the car or arrive home. Drive the box on a cart to your car and put the animal in the vervoersbox in the car. Perhaps this all seems a bit exaggerated but remember that the animal upset is because it already has a long journey behind and comes to strange land with a different climate, thereby taken to make all the stress of flying that your animal needs to rest first are in a safe area such as your home. Let this animal NEVER release it in a garden from which it can escape.



The vervoersbox where your animal is in during the flight, you must return to the foundation within two weeks. This may well packaged by the vervoersbox send as a package. Transport damage is always the responsibility of the consignor. Of course you can bring vervoersbox yourself, make this a while an appointment.



It is also advisable to have the first time in a dog harness the animal and certainly not to LAX. A harness is safer and making escape virtually impossible because the dog must first get to know you and other family members well and also the environment so that the animal knows where it lives. A dog or cat adopt from abroad is great because these animals are so necessary that they finally going to have a happy and good life. And believe me, these dogs are often so happy that they get attention and good food that they often quickly refurbish and really a great dog will get..